In an increasingly identity aligned, post binary, peri-apocalyptic world, one thing is for sure — love’s casualties are still strewn all over the place.

It’s timely then that two survivors of the sexual revolution — singer, Jan Cornall and pianist, Elizabeth Drake, return to the stage to shock and delight audiences with the wit and wisdom of their eighties cult hit cabaret. All these years on, their anti-normative message is more relevant than ever!

With original songs like What Ever Happened to the Evolution of the Sexual Revolution, Better than Het, Sad Masochist, Spilt Guilt, Limping for Sympathy, Erotic Dream, The Vibrator Song, Monogamy Shbedogamy and more, Cornall and Drake’s sexual soiree will leave you wanting more.

Musically sophisticated, lyrically transgressive, their post punk personas challenge the age-old myth of romantic love and celebrate the passions that drive it.

Whatever your age, era or inclination; be prepared to recognize yourself in this frank and funny feminist mirror of modern love. 

Ahead of their time — still!



Jan Cornall and Elizabeth Drake

Friday 21 FEBRUARY @8pm

Saturday 22 FEBRUARY  @8pm

Gingers Cabaret

Oxford Hotel
Taylor Square



Bookings Open 17 January 2020 >