Phillipa Playford and I met during the late 1980’s, she was a glass artist with many talents and a million costume changes. I had begun photographing the lesbian scene by then, after finishing at the National Art School.

SGLMG was a mini haven where everyone met, socialised in the Rushcutters Bay, workshop and made lasting friends. Other artists in the MG workshop included Jane Becker, Mandy Smith and Githa Pilbrow.

Lesbians didn’t have the same ‘circuit’ of regular clubs to go to (as the boys), so entrepreneurs like Gigi & Andrea would hold specific lesbian only nights at different clubs around Newtown, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. There was 'Pride the community Centre', Leichhardt was called Dykeheart, 'Lesbians on the Loose’ was born & Wicked Women produced the best shows around town and most lesbians were '6* of separation' from their current partner.

Wicked Women (Magazine) started by Jasper Laybutt & Lisa Salmon, were the sex radicals who held cross-dressing parties & performances at their warehouse space to fund their magazine.

A lot of lesbians met through Mardi Gras & Sleazeball parties, it was a collaborative & creative space where the GLBTQI community members from all around Australia & the world, could build a float, enter the parade or get involved with organisations (like Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby) to push for Equality and anti-discrimination laws. 

These photos are random images from Mardi Gras Workshop, Parade and other events.

                                                  - Curators: Philippa Playford & C.Moore Hardy