Miss 3D

Miss 3D arrived in Sydney in 1977, and after being introduced to Doris Fish and company her drag career took off, with performances with Doris at Paddington Town Hall. 

Shows at Stranded and Patchs were next, where she quickly became immersed in Sydney’ gay culture. 

Mardi Gras parades and parties came next, as well as a 17 year career at the Albury Hotel – 7 years with the Showbags. Many appearances at the Flinders and Exchange Hotels.

In 1980 she started a career in NY at the infamous Anvil Bar. After 2 years in America, she came back to Sydney, returning to Patchs and starting her career at the Albury and Flinders Hotels. 

In 1989 she started Glamourworld at Jamison Street. There were almost 50 Glamourworld Parties altogether. Many solo and group shows at Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball and Rat Parties. Video clips with Ignatius Jones, Tina Arena and Was not Was. 2 years at Caesars nite clubs in Petersham and Camperdown.

2 years at the Venus Room in Kings Cross with Polly Petrie. Countless appearances at Polly’s Follies, as well as hosting Drag trade at Blackmarket.

35 years as a cake decorator at Sweet Art, using her skills with icing to raise over $45,000 for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation with their Bake Offs.

At the moment she is working on a documentary about her career and Sydney’s gay history over the past 40 years.